Broiling Pans

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Sizzle, sear, and satisfy your cravings with the perfect broiling pan. In this roundup, we’ve gathered the top selections to help you find the best fit for your kitchen. Join us as we explore the world of broiling pans, offering reliable tips and expert opinions to help you make the best choice for your culinary adventures.

The Top 6 Best Broiling Pans

  1. Certified Appliance Accessories Heavy-Duty Porcelain Broiler Pan & Grill Set — Enhance your culinary endeavors with the Certified Appliance Accessories Heavy-Duty Porcelain Broiler Pan & Grill Set, offering dependable and adaptable performance for your indoor or outdoor kitchen.
  2. Range Kleen Chrome-Grilled Porcelain Broiler — Broil and bake with ease using this classic, durable Range Kleen Porcelain Broiler Pan — perfect for outdoor grilling and modern ovens.
  3. Wilton Small Non-stick Broiler Pan for Easy Food Release — Savor stress-free meals and effortless serving using the Wilton Recipe Right Mini Broiler Pan. Equipped with a non-stick surface, this innovative pan ensures quick and fuss-free clean-up, while also offering the added convenience of being dishwasher-safe.
  4. Cuisinart Toaster Oven Broiling Rack with Pan — Elevate your toaster oven experience with the 8.6" x 12.5" Cuisinart Broiling Pan, featuring heavy-gauge aluminum for even heating and a non-stick interior for effortless cleanup.
  5. Whirlpool Porcelain Broiler Pan and Grid with Included Grid for Easy Drainage and Liquid Flow — Clean up easily and avoid splatter with the Whirlpool 4396923 Porcelain Broiler Pan & Grid — the perfect option for hassle-free broiling.
  6. Heavy-Duty Large Broiler Pan with Non-Stick Surface — Wilton’s large broiler pan boasts a non-stick surface for effortless cleanups, sturdy construction, and ample capacity for your culinary creations.

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Certified Appliance Accessories Heavy-Duty Porcelain Broiler Pan & Grill Set


I’ve encountered a game-changer in my kitchen — the Heavy-Duty Porcelain Broiler Pan and Grill Set from Certified Appliance Accessories. This reliable and durable piece has been a real companion in replacing old and flimsy pans. It’s not just for ovens, but also works great on outdoor grills.

The vented lid is a handy addition, as it makes broiling, grilling, and baking easy and requires minimal cleanup. The Heavy-Duty Porcelain Broiler Pan and Grill Set can withstand high temperatures, and its non-stick porcelain steel surface has made food preparation and cleanup a breeze. One of the standout features for me is its eco-friendly nature as it’s PFOA-PTFE-free.

However, the only downside I’ve faced is that it’s a little smaller than expected, making it less suitable for big family meals. But for me, it’s perfect for cooking meals for my partner and me, with little food waste or mess to clean up afterward.

Overall, this broiler pan has made a significant difference in my daily life, and I’d gladly recommend it to anyone looking for an eco-friendly and efficient addition to their kitchen.

Range Kleen Chrome-Grilled Porcelain Broiler


As someone who recently purchased a house with an old stove, I found myself in search of a new broiler pan. The Range Kleen Porcelain Broiler Pan with Chrome Grill seemed like a perfect addition to my kitchen essentials. After using it for a few weeks, I must say that it has exceeded my expectations.

One of the best features of this broiler pan is its top grill. Not only does it add a touch of classic charm to my oven setup, but it also protects smaller, delicate foods from falling through the slats. This made broiling a variety of meats, vegetables, and even fruits a breeze. The slatted design also makes draining fat and oils a cinch.

The porcelain-enameled steel finish is both durable and easy to clean, despite not being stick-resistant as advertised. The only downside I encountered was the edge of the top grill, which is incredibly sharp. Be cautious when handling or cleaning to avoid any accidents.

Overall, I’m very satisfied with my purchase of the Range Kleen Porcelain Broiler Pan with Chrome Grill. Its versatility, ease of use, and attractive design make it a worthy addition to any kitchen.

Wilton Small Non-stick Broiler Pan for Easy Food Release


Recently, I found myself in need of a new broiler pan, so I decided to give the Wilton Broiler Grid & Pan, Small a try. As someone who appreciates sturdy and easy-to-clean kitchenware, I was eager to experience the convenience the pan promised.

The first thing that caught my eye was the heavy-gauge steel construction. This gave me confidence that the pan would withstand constant use without sacrificing on its quality. The non-stick coating was another highlight of the product, as food just slides off effortlessly after cooking, making cleanup a breeze.

In addition, the pan’s dishwasher-safe nature was a game-changer for me. This meant that I could focus more on the cooking process and less on the post-prep clean up. What’s not to love?

However, one downside I encountered was the size, or more specifically, the measurements of the pan. I had assumed that it would fit neatly into my existing oven, but it turned out to be a bit too large to slot in comfortably. This was a bit of a disappointment, as it meant I couldn’t use the pan to its full potential. Despite this minor issue, I still found the pan to be a great addition to my kitchenware collection.

In conclusion, the Wilton Broiler Grid & Pan, Small is a solid, sturdy, and easy-to-clean option for those seeking a reliable and non-stick broiler pan. While its size may not be perfect for every situation, the overall quality and convenience make it a fantastic choice for those looking to upgrade their kitchen arsenal.

Cuisinart Toaster Oven Broiling Rack with Pan


One day, I decided to try out the Cuisinart Toaster Oven Broiling Pan with Rack. After picking up a few small steaks from the grocery store, I realized that I didn’t have the right size pan for my toaster oven. Luckily, this broiling pan was the perfect solution! With a non-stick interior and exterior, cleanup was a breeze.

My first impression of the pan was its attractive aluminum finish. The rack and pan felt sturdy and well-constructed, and they fit snugly into my toaster oven. However, I noticed that the rack was quite low, so my steaks needed to be a bit thinner than usual to avoid being overly steamed during cooking.

Overall, I was happy with how easy this pan was to clean and its perfect size for my small toaster oven. Even though it was just a little too short for the standard rack, it still worked well for my purposes. The only downside was the potential issue with the non-stick coating, as I had to be cautious when handling the pan after use. Nevertheless, I would recommend the Cuisinart Toaster Oven Broiling Pan with Rack for those who need a convenient, easy-to-clean pan for their toaster oven.

Whirlpool Porcelain Broiler Pan and Grid with Included Grid for Easy Drainage and Liquid Flow


I recently tried out the Whirlpool Porcelain Broiler Pan and Grid, and let me tell you, it’s been a game-changer in my cooking routine. Gone are the days of splatters and smoking while broiling, thanks to the ingenious grid design. This pan is not only great for draining away juices, but it also makes cleanup a breeze, all thanks to its easy-to-clean porcelain coating.

Adding to its convenience, the Whirlpool Broiler Pan is dishwasher safe and comes with a sturdy grid that fits perfectly into the rectangular pan. Its black finish adds a touch of elegance to any kitchen setup. The pan’s capacity is perfect for a 320 cubic inches, making it a great addition to either a large or small oven.

However, I must mention that while the Whirlpool Porcelain Broiler Pan is a fantastic add-on for your oven, the customer service experience for some might be a little lacking. Despite this minor drawback, I still highly recommend giving this pan a try — it’s easy to clean, sturdy, and does its job exceptionally well. Plus, its affordability is hard to beat. So, why not give it a shot on your next broiling adventure? You won’t be disappointed!

Heavy-Duty Large Broiler Pan with Non-Stick Surface


Wilton’s Recipe Right Broiler Pan is a non-stick marvel that makes food prep and cooking a breeze. With a robust, heavy-gauge steel construction, it ensures even heat distribution throughout the pan.

The non-stick surface provides a quick release and easy clean-up, making it a great addition to any kitchen. The pan’s dimensions are embossed on the handles for easy reference, and it’s designed for hassle-free usage.

Although it may not be the perfect non-stick solution for every user, its sturdiness and non-stick quality make it a reliable choice for your culinary endeavors.

Buyer’s Guide

Broiling pans are essential kitchen tools that make cooking quick and easy. They allow you to cook large amounts of food at once, making them perfect for hosting parties or feeding a family. In this guide, we’ll discuss the key features to consider when buying a broiling pan, as well as some general advice for using one. Let’s get started!


Broiling pans can be made from various materials, including aluminum, cast iron, and non-stick coatings. Aluminum pans are lightweight and easy to use, while cast iron pans are durable and evenly distribute heat. Non-stick coatings are easy to clean and prevent food from sticking, but can be prone to scratches and may not last as long as other materials.


When choosing a broiling pan, consider the size you need based on the number of people you’re cooking for and the type of food you’ll be preparing. Larger pans can accommodate more food, while smaller pans are better for cooking smaller items like vegetables or meat skewers. Make sure you also consider the size of your oven and the available storage space in your kitchen.


There are different designs of broiling pans, including those with drainage holes and those without. Drainage holes allow excess fat to drip away from the food, making it healthier and reducing the need for cleaning. Pans without drainage holes will require more cleaning after use, but may be easier to manage if you’re preparing small items like shrimp or skewers.


To keep your broiling pan in good condition, be sure to clean it after each use. Most pans can be cleaned in the dishwasher, but always check the manufacturer’s instructions before doing so. If you’re using a non-stick coating, avoid using metal utensils or abrasive cleaners, as these can damage the surface and reduce the pan’s lifespan. Proper maintenance will ensure your broiling pan lasts for many years.


What is a broiling pan?

A broiling pan is a stovetop cooking pan used to cook various foods, particularly meats and vegetables. It allows for direct exposure to radiant heat, enabling rapid cooking while retaining juices and flavors within the food. Broiling pans typically feature a raised design to allow for proper air circulation around the food, preventing it from sticking to the pan.

Some broiling pans are specifically designed to accommodate specific food items or to promote healthy cooking options, such as low-fat or non-stick surfaces. They are versatile and easy to clean, making them a popular choice for home cooks looking to enhance their stovetop cooking experience. Additionally, broiling pans can often be used on grills or in ovens, depending on the pan’s construction.

What are the benefits of using a broiling pan?

Broiling pans offer several advantages over other cooking methods. They help to create a crispy exterior while retaining moisture and flavor within the food. This is achieved through direct exposure to radiant heat, which allows for a faster cooking time. Furthermore, broiling pans prevent food items from sticking to the pan, eliminating the need for additional oil or cooking sprays, and simplifying the cleaning process.

Another benefit of using a broiling pan is its versatility. While it is primarily used for stovetop cooking, many models can be utilized in a grill or oven, allowing you to expand your cooking options. Additionally, the raised design of broiling pans promotes proper air circulation around the food, which aids in preventing burning and ensures even cooking. This makes them ideal for use with delicate or thin-skinned foods.

How do I properly clean a broiling pan?

Cleaning a broiling pan depends on the type of pan and its construction. For non-stick pans, it is essential to use a non-abrasive sponge or cloth and avoid using metal utensils to prevent scratches and damage to the pan’s surface. If your broiling pan has a raised design, avoid cleaning it in the dishwasher, as this may cause the pan to warp or lose its shape.

For standard broiling pans without non-stick coatings, you can use hot soapy water or a mild abrasive cleaning solution for tougher stains. Be sure to avoid using metal scouring pads or harsh chemical cleaners, which can damage the pan’s surface. After cleaning, rinse the pan thoroughly and dry it before storing.

What types of food can be cooked on a broiling pan?

A broiling pan can be used to cook a wide variety of foods, including meats such as poultry, beef, fish, pork, and sausages, as well as vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, onions, mushrooms, and asparagus. The pan’s raised design allows for air circulation around the food, which is essential for even cooking and preventing sticking. Additionally, the direct exposure to radiant heat helps to seal in juices, retain flavors, and create a crispy exterior.

Broiling pans are versatile and can be used to cook healthy meals by allowing for the use of low-fat or non-stick surfaces. They are also ideal for those who prefer to avoid deep-fat frying or grilling, as the pan’s raised design promotes even cooking and reduces the risk of flare-ups or burning. Experiment with various recipes to discover the full potential of your broiling pan.

What is the best way to season a broiling pan?

Seasoning a broiling pan is a simple process that ensures a non-stick surface and prevents food from sticking to the pan. To season your broiling pan, follow these steps:

  1. Clean the pan thoroughly, removing any residue or food particles. 2. Apply a small amount of cooking oil or non-stick cooking spray evenly across the pan’s surface. 3. Place the pan in the oven or on a stovetop burner and heat it for a few minutes to allow the oil to penetrate and create a non-stick surface. 4. Remove the pan from the heat and wipe off any excess oil with a paper towel. Your pan is now seasoned and ready for use.

It is recommended to re-season your broiling pan periodically to maintain its non-stick properties. If your pan begins to develop food particles that are difficult to remove, gently scrub the pan with a soft abrasive sponge and repeat the seasoning process. Ensure that your pan is properly seasoned before each use to maximize its performance and lifespan.

Can a broiling pan be placed in the oven?

Yes, many broiling pans can be placed in the oven. However, it is essential to check the pan’s specifications or manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure that it is safe for oven use. Some broiling pans may only be suitable for stovetop cooking, while others may have an oven-safe rating. If you are unsure whether your broiling pan can be used in the oven, consult the product’s documentation or contact the manufacturer.

When using a broiling pan in the oven, preheat the pan in the oven for a few minutes before adding food. This will help distribute the heat evenly and prevent sticking. Place the pan on a lower rack in the oven to prevent direct contact with the heat source, and avoid overcrowding the pan to ensure even cooking. Remember to remove the pan from the oven before the food starts to smoke or burn.

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